The Giant Mobile Camera is a mobile Camera Obscura, an enormous pinhole camera, and even a camera for making lifesize or bigger «macro» portraits when it is equipped with a lens. It can be used for demonstrations, workshops, and as a darkroom for wetplate photography.

For lens photography I will make a back standard to hold photographic paper and/or wet plates. As I operate this camera from the inside, I will not need a bellows, just a white screen in place of the paper/wet plate.

At April 28, 2013 The Giant Mobile Camera was at exhibition in Tromsø. It was this years celebration of Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. There were also an exhibition of pinhole images from last year’s Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day.

The Giant Mobile Camera project started as an idea: «Why not make an enormous camera out of an old camper?» The first step was to find a suitable camper. Via Facebook I got hold on one, and in the end of October I had to move it to my place. All the inventar is removed, and the inside is painted black. A pinhole is installed, and the first image is projected on the wall.

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