An (almost) full frame paper negative

Inspired by yesterday’s successful “test strip”, I went inside the cameravan and lined up a full 2,5 meter length of photo paper (EMAKS KX), and 1 meter wide.
With 3 mins and a tiny bit larger aperture than yesterday, I got an almost perfect exposure. After exposure I took the paper to the darkroom, taped it to the floor and developed with a sponge. The sponge had some funny contents that made a strange effect here and there, but mostly it looked very good.

The proud photographer while fixing the negative picture.

Drying the negative.

Another view.

...and another.

1 thought on “An (almost) full frame paper negative

  1. Jon Oman

    This looks like a very successful first attempt! Very impressive. For developing, you may want to try the plastic wallpaper troughs you can get at a home supply store. They may make them long enough to account for the full width of the paper. Just put in the exposed roll, and then roll towards you. I’ve done something like that years ago.


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