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An (almost) full frame paper negative

Inspired by yesterday’s successful “test strip”, I went inside the cameravan and lined up a full 2,5 meter length of photo paper (EMAKS KX), and 1 meter wide.
With 3 mins and a tiny bit larger aperture than yesterday, I got an almost perfect exposure. After exposure I took the paper to the darkroom, taped it to the floor and developed with a sponge. The sponge had some funny contents that made a strange effect here and there, but mostly it looked very good.

The proud photographer while fixing the negative picture.

Drying the negative.

Another view.

...and another.

First exposure on paper

I’ve done a “test strip” today, 40cm wide and 100cm high. Exposure time was 4 mins in bright sunlight. It was developed in standard developing trays while pulling the strip up and down. 4 mins seemed pretty ok, but the aperture was probably too small, 4mm diameter which makes for approx f:450.

Test strip hanging to dry.

Test strip hanging to dry.

There's a tree, too.

There’s a tree, too.

A close-up of the test strip

A close-up of the test strip

At last!

At last we’re on board the last ferry,in a couple of hours we can drive the car and the cameravan on land at Træna. I really look forward to a good night’s sleep. Clouds are hanging low, and it is rain in the air, but we hope for the best. Trænafestivalen: Here the Giant Mobile Camera comes!


Ready for The Træna Festival

33 nautical miles from the coast of Helgeland lies Træna, a small groups of islands with a population of approx. 500 people. Every summer they arrange a music festival: Trænafestivalen.

This year The Giant Mobile Camera will be at Træna during the festival. I will demonstrate how a camera works – from the inside, and I will make collodion wet plate portraits of those who want. I really look forward to be there, and have the cameravan with me.



First day in Tromsø

Quite a few people found their way to The Giant Mobile Camera today. They got a demonstration how a camera works from the inside. All had to wait quite a while for their night vision to set in, but when it was established, a very special “silence” settled amongst the viewers.

Image projection of the main square, Tromsø, April 27. This was late in the afternoon, so most people had left.

Tomorrow an exhibition of pinhole photos will open at 12AM, and The Giant Mobile Camera will be open for the public at the same time.

Ready in Tromsø

The Giant Mobile Camera is ready for show in Tromsø, after a terrifying experience with a heavy wobbeling camera after the car. Rescued by the road fence, we could conclude that the material injuries were minimal, and no humans were hurt. I have to do some minor fixes on my car, but we’ve survived, that’s the important thing.

The Giant Mobile Camera in front of Kulturhuset, Tromsø.

Tomorrow we are ready for visitors, I hope many will come and experience how a camera works, from the inside.

Andreas after the accident, happy to be alive. Photo: Fredrik Mortensen

Andreas after the accident, happy to be alive. Photo: Fredrik Mortensen