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The last exposure.

The last exposure, but already an old one. It was made during the Lofoten International Photo Festival in March 2015.

First the negative:

The negative is 100x250cm big (40×100″).

The negative was photographed in Galleri Lille Kabelvåg, and digitally inverted to a positive:

Developing the WPPD2014 giant negative.

Ready for development
Today I developed the negative that I exposed on The Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2014 in Tromsø. Here the paper negative is laid out on the floor ready to be developed.
The negative almost ready, applying fix with a sponge.
Drying the negative.
After rinsing the negative is drying in a frame made for drying and stretching large fabrics.

This was the only one pinhole picture I made on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day 2014, but it was probably enough (for me 🙂 ).

Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day


Norway's biggest pinhole camera ready for display and demonstration in Tromsø center

Norway’s biggest pinhole camera ready for display and demonstration in Tromsø center

Tomorrow is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day, and The Giant Mobile Camera is ready to stand at Stortorget in the center of Tromsø. This is the first time the “cameravan” has been on the move this year, and all went well. Not as last year, where we had a small accident on our way. Tomorrow the cameravan will be open for the public from 12 o’clock.

An (almost) full frame paper negative

Inspired by yesterday’s successful “test strip”, I went inside the cameravan and lined up a full 2,5 meter length of photo paper (EMAKS KX), and 1 meter wide.
With 3 mins and a tiny bit larger aperture than yesterday, I got an almost perfect exposure. After exposure I took the paper to the darkroom, taped it to the floor and developed with a sponge. The sponge had some funny contents that made a strange effect here and there, but mostly it looked very good.

The proud photographer while fixing the negative picture.

Drying the negative.

Another view.

...and another.